Why should mental health screenings be a regular part of cancer care?

31, Jan 2022

Our lives are as nice as they could be. But, on the other hand, we are spoiling our health. Due to the improper food culture, we are deteriorating our healthy lifestyle. There are so many new diseases and health issues that keep arising every day. To stay safe, prevention is the primary option we have. There are so many ways on how to prevent our health from spoiling. Dr.Sue Mitra is here to help you, as one of the most reliable cancer screening Melbourne Florida.

Why does mental health stay affected?

As we all know, when a person gets affected by any disease, physical fitness will seem to deteriorate gradually. In the case of cancer, the person will start suffering both mentally and physically. Do you know why? When compared to physical health, the mental health of the person will stay scarred. The fear of survival will almost make the person unstable in thoughts. For those who have been diagnosed with cancer, mental health screening is common and is really helpful.

According to a medical report, people with cancer are more likely to get affected by depression. More than 15-20% of people are surviving through stress and anxiety. But, the sad part is that the patient’s family members do not take this seriously. Instead, they think it is normal for the person to stay anxious, blaming cancer. This is the main reason why the mental health of the person gets more complicated.

mental screening

Screening is nothing but finding out the possibility that the specific person might be affected by a certain disease. It is a huge shock to know that eight out of ten women are unaware that they have mental health issues because of the breast cancer they have.

Lack of awareness is the main reason why people aren't told what they are going through. A mental health check is really important, especially for cancer-affected patients. The patient must treat this as a primary issue too.

First things first, if the person gets to know that he/she is suffering from cancer, worrying about that will not change anything. With boldness, one must face all this. This is when mental health plays an important role. Even at the highest risks of life, one must stay bold. Mental health has been a major concern in cancer cases, leading to worse after-effects.

Why is mental health screening significant?

There are many reasons why mental health screening is important. Let us see why:

  • It helps to control mood swings
  • One may stay away from worrying
  • Mental health screening will destroy sadness
  • If the person has trouble concentrating, the screening will help
  • Encourages indulging in social activities
  • If you feel you have a change in personality or any regular patterns, mental health screening will help you sort it out
  • It can help you control anger or frustration
  • The whole point of undergoing mental health screening is to stay calm and stress-free

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