The Importance of Annual Physical Examination

15, Mar 2022


If you think you need to be sick to go for an examination, you are wrong here. Annual physical examination is essential to your overall health. So, an annual checkup Melbourne Florida is a high recommendation as it helps check your health status. It finds how efficiently your kidneys are working.

What is the Annual Physical Examination

An annual physical checkup, which also means a wellness checkup, is a routine check of your ongoing health by your primary care provider (PCP). The annual physical exams Melbourne Florida, provide the opportunity for everyone to boost the quality of their lifestyle.

It is high time to have the annual checkup in Melbourne, Florida, as kidney disease manages best when diagnosed early.  Annual physical exams Melbourne Florida is the opportunity to ask questions about anything that concerns you about your current kidney health condition.

However, an annual routine test is highly beneficial to make sure whether everything in your body system is well or not. Without annual physical examination, a lot of life-threatening diseases go unchecked. Annual checkup Melbourne Florida consultancy prevents you from falling victim to any disease such as kidney failure.

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Importance of Annual Physical examination

The importance and benefits of getting an annual physical checkup are numerous.

1] Help treat any possible future disease

We know prevention is better than cure. So, the annual physical exams in Melbourne, Florida, help treatment by diagnosis the slight sign of any disease, especially kidney diseases, that may become severe and problematic for you in the future.

2] Provide a chance to get necessary immunization

Vaccinations at the proper time are equally essential for both adults and children. Therefore, an annual practice checkup allows you to get vaccinated at the right time by consulting your doctor.

3] Assurance that you are maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan

During the routine checkup, your doctor will check whether you are following the medical or exercise routine rightly or not. In this way, he will support you in your efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.

The importance of annual physical examination is described in the words that it is as essential as to make sure you have drunk enough water and consumed sufficient nutrients. 

Things to Do for Getting an Annual Examination

To ensure that you are in good health, the things you need to do before getting annual exams Melbourne Florida include: 

  • You need to schedule an appointment 
  • Fasting before a yearly checkup 
  • Bring a list of medications you already have 
  • Bring medical test reports with you 
  • Bring a current list of your immunizations 

These things are essential to help find your doctor, how you are doing health-wise, or which area of your body needs attention. 

Tests that performed during physical examination

The basic tests that a doctor performs during annual exams Melbourne, Florida, help diagnose, especially kidney disease at an early stage, include:

  • Kidney, heart, and lungs proper checkup 
  • Urine test  
  • Head, neck, and abdominal examination 
  • Skin examination 
  • Blood pressure 
  • Cholesterol level checkup 
  • Blood glucose level exam 
  • Body mass index

The given list of some annual routine physical examinations helps know your system, particularly your kidney health. Your doctor can do other checkups as well, depending on your age, test results, personal or family health history.


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