Medicare Annual Wellness Examination

Medicare Annual Wellness Examination

The Medicare Annual Wellness Examination is an important preventive service for Medicare patients. It includes a review of the patients medical history, height, weight and blood pressure measurements, preventive screening services, and tailored health advice. The Medicare Annual Wellness Examination is designed to help patients stay healthy and detect any health issues early. The Medicare Annual Wellness Examination is usually covered under Medicare insurance.

What to expect at Medicare Annual Wellness Visit?

At the Medicare Annual Wellness Examination, your healthcare provider will review your medical and social history, height, weight, and blood pressure measurements. Dr. Sue Mitra will discuss preventive screening services, such as immunizations and cancer screenings, as well as lifestyle counselling for diet, exercise, and smoking cessation. Dr. Sue Mitra will also review your medications, update your health maintenance schedule, and provide any tailored health advice you may need.

Dr. Sue Mitra is a highly qualified internal medicine physician in Central Florida. She is experienced in providing Medicare Annual Wellness Examinations. Dr. Mitra’s approach to healthcare emphasizes preventive care and empowers her patients to make informed decisions about their health. She takes the time to get to know her patients and listen to their concerns. To make an appointment with Dr. Mitra for a Medicare Annual Wellness Examination, please call her office at 321-622-6222.

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Providing Quality Medical Care

Dr. Sue Mitra and her staff strive to offer their patients the best care, advice and services available in the medical field with the goal to keep patient healthy & happy.