Women Mental Health

08, Nov 2021

In today’s world, stress and depression are two factors that create a negative impact on people. Mental health is very vital. Mental health is the foundation for personal strength. Mental strength is what people will need as a foundation for life. Especially for women, mental health plays a significant role in their lives. There are many annual health check-up programs that assist women in knowing their physical, mental, and physiological states.

Types of Mental Health we must know:

Mental health can be classified into three types:

  • Cognitive mental health:

Cognitive mental health is responsible for brain functions and memory portions. It is also accountable for reasoning, thinking, and responding clearly. Decision-making also comes under cognitive mental health.

  • Emotional mental health:

Emotions are a part of who you are. Emotional mental health helps in balancing both personal and career life. This will make sure you are leading a peaceful life with positive affirmations.

  • Psychological mental health:

A person's quality of life is mainly dependent on physiological mental health. Psychological mental health is about adapting to the surroundings. Ignoring negativity is one of the significant ways to stay peaceful.

Women Mental Healt

Ways to be in a positive perspective:

According to researchers, women are more likely to be affected by mental health disorders. Taking good care of oneself must be a priority. There are so many ways in which women can take part to establish their mental health.

  • One of the main distractions for a woman's mental health is self-care. Self-care has always been a great aspect of everyone. Self-care will help women divert from all their stress, and anxiety. Self-care has become a basic need. It can be anything from spending some time for yourself to doing something that you like. Being yourself is the main thing that is encompassed under self-care. Try to recognize what you like and what makes you better. Self-care assures a perfect physical and psychological balance too.
  • Physical activities are always a great way to start spending more time for yourself. It is a fact that exercising and indulging in physical activities can give you positive aspects and space. Walking, yoga, and spending time with nature can help you reduce your stress level. Journalism is said to reflect your emotions. Try spending more time on physical fitness. It is a proven fact that intake of more oxygen while connecting with nature enhances brain function.

Mental health and everything important about it:

Unstable mental health can end up in so many problems, which include bad relationships with your loved ones. The one thing that all women will need is to stay in their positive circle of mental health. Even your career can be spoiled if your mental health is in a negative perspective.

All of us are aware that we are living in a world filled with anxiety and busy schedules. It is ok to spend some time for ourselves and start living a peaceful life. If you are comfortable with female doctors to discuss your state of mental health, take an appointment with Dr. Mitra and discuss your problems with her.


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