Why Should You Be Screening for Breast Cancer?

17, Jan 2023

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality in women today, and its prevalence has become alarmingly widespread. This is commonly present in women who have a family history of breast cancer or other risk factors like obesity and smoking.

Screening for breast cancer can help detect it early when treatment is more likely to be successful. Regular breast cancer screening can also help reduce the risk of developing advanced-stage breast cancer.

The best way to screen for breast cancer is through mammograms, which use X-ray technology to detect abnormalities in the breast. Mammograms can often detect cancer before it can be felt, and they are recommended for all women over age 50 and younger women with a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Want to cure your cancer screening in Melbourne, Florida? At Dr. Sue Mitra’s office, we offer a variety of breast cancer screening services to help detect the disease at its earliest stages. Our experienced team of radiologists and technicians will provide you with thorough imaging exams and interpretation to accurately diagnose any abnormalities.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to detect any cancerous cells in the breast and will tailor our screening services according to your individual needs. From 3D mammograms and ultrasounds to MRIs and biopsies, we have all the tools necessary for a comprehensive diagnosis. We are excited to keep you updated and in good health!

Benefits of Screening for Breast Cancer:

Some important benefits are:

  • Breast cancer screening tests can help identify breast cancer early, when it is most treatable, and before symptoms occur.
  • Regular screenings can help track changes in the breasts and alert you if any abnormalities require further investigation.
  • It can also help detect any cancer recurrence in women who have had breast cancer before.
  • It can ease anxiety and bring about mental tranquilly.
  • Knowing the risk factors and undergoing regular screenings can help reduce the chances of developing advanced-stage breast cancer.
  • It also helps to identify any other possible diseases, such as cysts or benign tumours.
  • Regular screenings can contribute to early treatment and better overall outcomes for those battling breast cancer.

Types of Breast Cancer Screening Tests

Mammograms are the most common and effective type of breast cancer screening test. Other types of tests, besides mammography, can find breast problems. These include breast MRI scans, ultrasound imaging, and biopsies.

Regardless of which screening method is chosen, it is important to consult with a doctor or healthcare provider beforehand to determine the best course of action.

It is also important to remember that breast cancer screenings are not a substitute for regular self-checks and clinical exams. The earlier any changes in the breasts are detected, the better chance you have of successfully treating the disease. So, make sure to be proactive about your health and consult with your doctor regularly.


In conclusion, regular breast cancer screening is one of the most important preventive measures a woman can take to protect her health. At Sue Mitra, our healthcare provider can guide you through any necessary CANCER SCREENING Melbourne FL tests and give you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your own health. So, contact us today and get the help you need to keep yourself safe from breast cancer.


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