Why Keeping Up With Your Cancer Screening Is So Important

04, Apr 2022


Cancer screening is among the procedures used to find out cancer before the appearance of its symptoms. Individuals who have a small and confined tumor or aberrant cells may develop cancer soon but do not have any symptoms undergo Cancer screening. If the test results indicate any sign of the disease in the development stage, you can take steps for its cure as soon as possible. Find the best center for Cancer Screening in Melbourne, Florida, that offers cost-effective and reliable cancer tests.

An abnormal screening test result does not mean that the individual has cancer. There are several other test series a person has to go through to confirm the disease. For example: if a screening scan detects a lump in the breast, numerous other diagnostic tests will ensure whether the node is cancer or anything else. Choose a Cancer Screening Florida center that can help you fight against cancer with its quality services and innovative approach.

ASCO, USPSTF, and many other groups offer screening recommendations for different cancers. Some of them are cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer.


What are the risk factors for certain cancers?

Risk factor includes everything that increases the possibility of developing a disease. Some of the known causes that encourage the likelihood of a person having cancer are as follows.

  • Age is the most vital deciding factor. Older aged people are at high risk for cancer.
  • If you have had cancer in your previous generations or have a family history with cancer.
  • Some cancer genetic changes or mutations in genes are favorable for cancer.
  • There is no apparent reason for a blood clot.
  • Stay in touch with any cancer-causing agent for a longer time at your workplace, for Example, Smoking, tobacco, exposure to occupational toxins, etc.

If an individual is on high-risk factors, he must go for a Cancer Screening in Melbourne, Florida, with no delay.

How does screening help people to live longer?

Cancer is a chronic disease. Once it is fully developed, nothing can reverse it to save the patient's life. There are the most negligible chances of survival in the last cancer stage. Also, the later diagnosis may add more complex treatment for a longer time. Hence the screening helps people to live longer in the following ways.

  • If the screening test results are normal, the individual feels relaxed and gets peace of mind.
  • A cancer screening detects those abnormalities in your body that may develop into cancer if you are failed to detect them in time.
  • Diagnosing cancer at an early age when it is simple to cure can increase your chance of not dying with it. For example, include mammograms for breast cancer and sigmoidoscopy and fecal occult blood tests for colorectal cancer.
  • Cancer screening aids in detecting cancer before it spreads to the other organ of your body. It is much simpler to cure it before spreading.
  • Early detection may result in minor therapy and less recovery time.
  • The earlier you discover cancer, the greater your chances of survival.

Like every test has its pros and cons, so the cancer screening has, sometimes there are some false positive and false negative cancer screening results that can be not so favorable for you. Overdiagnosis also leads you towards harsh and complex cancer treatments which are not deadly, grow very slowly, or do not need treatment.


Following the guidelines of your expert at Cancer Screening in Florida helps you deal with the condition in a number of ways. Some studies say that today’s mortality rate from cancer is lower than in the past years. This is why it's crucial to stay up with cancer screenings.

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