Relaxing Mind For Healthy Body

04, Oct 2021

Most people believe that physical health is everything, and by doing yoga or exercise, they can have a healthy body. But mental health is equally as essential in maintaining a healthy body. Both your mental and physical health is important in relaxing and living a healthy life.

The body and the brain are evolved together, which results in association and dependence between the two. Whatever your body goes through affects your mind, and in the same way, your mental state procures its effects on the body.

Benefits of relaxed mind

Keeping your mind and body relaxed has a lot of benefits:

1. Your mental ability becomes stronger, and you can make better decisions in your life.

2. A healthy body leads to relaxed muscles, and lower blood pressure levels.

3. The risk of certain heart and brain diseases like stroke and other stress-related diseases is also reduced.

4. Lower anger and frustration.

Relaxing Mind

How to relieve stress

1. The best way to relieve stress is to connect yourself with nature. Whenever you feel mentally stressed, take a walk outside or sit in nature and feel the peace. 

2. Sit down in a calm and silent room, and close your eyes. Imagine a place, food, or anything that makes you happy and joyful. Doing this regularly will help you relieve your stress up to a great extent.

3. Do some yoga-like breathing exercise or lay down on a surface and relax your body. 

How are your mental and physical health-related to each other?

For instance, if a person feels mentally exhausted, they might end up being physically tired too. Whether someone feels extremely happy or motivated, their body too will respond in the same way. An anxious state of mind may generate stress and result in heart diseases, diabetes, obesity. Likewise, viral fever or even a chronic physical illness may give rise to mental weakness or stress. Mind and body are indeed a part of each other, thus it is important to take care of both equally.

There may be multiple reasons for poor mental health, such as trauma, accident, death, stressful events, sleeplessness, anxiety, and other such conditions. It is important to know that mental illness can be treated and should not be ignored under any circumstances. One can seek treatment, psychotherapy, support groups, or other such advisories which can help them overcome their poor mental state.

Ayurveda gives importance to mind and body for overall wellbeing.

For a healthy lifestyle, mental health is as important as physical health. Ayurveda benefits one's state of mind with incredible natural properties through its remedies and enhances the balance of mental and physical health. Ayurveda provides a natural cure and also a precautionary measure against future illness.

Mental wellbeing and physical fitness go hand in hand. One must understand the link between the two and start indulging in healthy practices like meditation, exercise, personal care, consuming a nutritious diet, and practicing active social interactions. Prolonged mental illness can stimulate risk factors for physical health, and the other way around, ignoring it would only make your life stressful.

If you or a loved one are facing problems in relaxing the mind for healthy habits, then contact Dr. Mitra, and their team will help you overcome this.


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