How Many Miles Should Run A Week To Stay Healthy?

10, Mar 2022


Have you ever been in any sports while in school or college? Involving in any sport requires running as the fundamental activity involved in it. Running in itself is a conclusive exercise for your body. It directly or indirectly involves each body part while you are running.

Though there is no such answer of how many miles you should run to stay healthy. Running more depends on your current health and your commitment to it. It also depends on the goals you want to achieve by running. But have you ever looked for reasons why family physician Melbourne Florida suggests running? Well, if not, let us explore in detail here.

Miles, You Should Run To Stay Healthy

There is no such limitation to how much you run to stay healthy. For normal people who are not involved in any extensive exercise or athlete. It is recommended to a normal person to run 20-30 minutes a day.

In converting to it, it will make you run 6 miles a day which in kilometer is 9.5 km. So it is recommended that you run approximately 20 miles a week, which is 32 km.

You can customize it according to your health status and your present level of fitness.

Benefit Of Running 20 Miles In A Week

Suppose you are just a newbie to running. You start by taking small steps each day and eventually increasing them. Gradually over time, you will be able to achieve your running goal that is your requirement. Family doctors of Melbourne, Florida, recommend adapting running as your ritual of the day. The main benefits are:

1] Keeps you away from the disease

It keeps your every organ active and fit. It regulates your blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy. Exercise enhances your breathing capacity and strengthens your lung's functioning.

2] Mental health

Mental health is equally important as your physical health. When you are stressed or dealing with any mental trauma, running helps you effectively deal with it. It active your blood circulation in your brain and brings positivity to you. 

3] Weight loss

Your goal for running may also be losing weight. Running is the best option if you want to lose weight naturally. It tones your body and helps you lose weight in equal proportion.

Running for just half an hour will provide you exponential results in losing weight.

4] Strengthen bone

Running gives strength to your bone. You can avoid minor pain in your back and knee by practising running for just 20 miles a week.

It keeps your joints functioning well and increases their endurance.

5] Empowers You

Confidence is the key to the overall development of your personality. Running brings more confidence and acceptance to your body. You become more attractive as you get to know yourself in better ways by just running 20 miles a week.


The family physician of Melbourne, Florida, finds running as the best medicine to cure any suffering. Whether losing weight or cutting out any disease running is key to keeping you on track.

Doctors and physicians suggest running 20 miles a week to keep you healthy, though it may vary according to your present fitness records too. You can connect with Sue Mitra, the best family doctor Melbourne Florida.


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