Holidays and Sugar Intake

21, Dec 2021

Holidays and Health:

The Holiday season is around the corner, and it is really hard to control the cravings for sweets. Considering the momentary pleasure of treating our sweet taste buds, our whole health cannot be put at risk. You don’t have to completely cut down on sugar. Smart planning and a calculation of sugar intake and keeping a check on the calories are enough to enjoy a healthy holiday.

Brief on Healthy Sugar Consumption:

You can choose to eat alternative foods that might calm down the sugar cravings. Fruits are some great choices because they contain fibers and natural sugars. Vegetables should never be skipped. It is both healthy and at the same time helps reduce eating sweets.


Drink plenty of water. Thirst can be confused to be a sugar craving. Having the required quantity of water can immediately subside the urge to grab a sweet.

Opting for artificial sweeteners can also cause harm according to the latest studies. A family doctor in Melbourne Florida suggests going for natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup instead of high-calorie sugars. Artificial sweeteners might be unimaginably sweeter than sugar, leading to side effects later.

To keep the blood sugar levels in control, consistent workouts or exercise is a must. At least, walking a mile daily will help in burning calories and keep the blood circulation proper. Physical exercises are the major way to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

A long-term intake of excess sweets might result in fungal yeast infections in ladies. Moisture makes it worse and taking food containing probiotics like curd will help reduce extreme symptoms. Talking out the problems to a female doctor will be useful to get a cure.  

Sweets cannot be avoided completely during the holidays. So indulging in small portions is the key. Taking sweets along with foods enriched in vitamins, fibers and proteins will make you feel full, thus controlling your sweet tooth.

Going for a regular checkup with an internal medicine doctor is the most crucial. It will be helpful to know the conditions of body fluid levels and to take medicines if needed.

Talk about your diet goals to friends and family as they will support you in achieving them.

Controlling the sugar intake of kids is a huge task. Make them understand the consequences of eating excess sweets and chocolates. Their teeth are more prone to cavities. Parents must guide them while brushing their teeth and taking care of their overall health.

Closing Notes:

Dr. Suemitra is one of the experienced doctors in Melbourne, Florida, and she helps in diagnosing any type of ailments. She provides the best solutions for all diseases. Everything lies in our hands to take proper care of health. Mindful eating accompanied by overall physical activities is all that is needed to stay well during this holiday season.


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