Exercise and Health During Holiday Travel

03, Dec 2021

Holidays can be fulfilling, but never forget to maintain your health. Spoiling and taking care of health can happen even with smaller steps. Staying cautious and healthier should also be a part of your holiday travel. There are so many ways which can help you stay active, and not make you miss exercises during travel. If you are unaware of how to take care of your health during a holiday, this article will help you.


Pro tips for exercise and health during travel

A perfect meal schedule:

Be it during a trip or a homestay, a meal schedule is mandatory. If you are traveling, make sure you organize your meal plan. Never forget to pack a small bag filled with nuts, health bars, or anything good for your health. Munch on nutrients rather than on junks. This will keep your health balanced during the trip. Also, do not skip any meals while traveling, you may even fall sick in such cases. Do not overeat too. Keep in mind not to overeat and not to undereat. Eat wisely and healthily.


A satisfying sleep:

The sleep cycle may change while traveling. Insufficient sleep may make you ill or inactive. Before the day of traveling, make sure you rest well. This way, you will not feel drowsy during a flight or car trip. According to medical research, it's noted that a compulsory 6-hour sleep is required before a long trip.

Activeness is the key:

If you are taking a flight for the trip, take a walk occasionally in the airport. Avoid sitting still in the same place for a long time. Be sure to wear comfortable footwear, making walking easier. Avoid sleeping unnecessarily and exercise every now and then. Even a walk or jog for a smaller distance can be considered as exercise. If you are traveling in a car, rest the car once in a few hours, and take a walk alongside the road with fresh air. 

Physical activities are a must:

If you can walk a few steps, consider walking or jogging. Avoid vehicles for smaller distances. Staying fit and healthy are the key factors for a good physical fitness plan. To make your holiday trip more health and exercise conscious, try visiting places meant for hiking, skating, trekking. It is a double bonus for people expecting a fun trip and a healthy trip.

Closing Notes:

Maintaining your health and practicing exercise even during traveling is mandatory. If you are looking to plan a proper health and exercise schedule during travel, Dr. Suemitra will guide you and help you. Make your trip a fun, exciting, and healthy one!


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