Annual Physical Examination - Why It's Important

27, Oct 2021

A physical exam is conducted once a year. Physical Examination includes assessing blood pressure, breathing rate, temperature, pulse rate, height, and weight. It's a general examination of your body. It helps both you and your primary care physician to understand the status of your health.

The frequency of this medical checkups varies from person to person, it depends on the age and health concerns.

It is vital to visit your physician to receive these physical examinations. Health concerns should not be the only reason you go to the doctor, physical examines are just as important to keep track of your health.

The following are examples related to health factors and indications physicians look at:

Blood pressure: The measurement of the strength in blood flow against your arteries in your heart.

Cholesterol: The measurement of cholesterol in your blood.

Blood glucose level: The measurement of glucose present in blood. For an accurate reading, the blood glucose test is performed while fasting.

Body mass index: The measurement of weight compared to the measurement of height.

These health factors can cause several problems in the future which may be harmful for your health if they remain unchecked.

The annual physical examination allows your doctor to evaluate your health with numerical ranges and tests. If they are above or below the normal range, your doctor will help you and guide you to bring it to a normal level.

Your family physician will be reviewing the medication you are prescribed and make changes as necessary.

Not receiving your annual physical examination can increase the risk of many health issues that may go undiagnosed for a longer period of time.

Do you know why Annual Physical Examination is so important?

1. It informs the status of your health.

2. Can easily prevent health issues that you may be currently at risk for.

3. Help you have an open conversation with your doctor.

4. Gives you an opportunity to share your symptoms and your health freely to your doctor.

5. Updating your immunizations.

Ending Notes:

An annual physical examination is a great preventative method that aids both you and your physician about underlying medical issues and care options. If you are looking for annual physical examination, Dr. Mitra is the best doctor for you.


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