National Healthy Lung Month is reminder to make good decisions for your health

13, Oct 2022

October is National Healthy Lung Month. This is the time to increase awareness and education about having good lung health.

Every breath we take in reminds us of how vital the lungs are for our overall well-being. 

Lungs transport oxygen to the blood during inhalation and eliminate carbon dioxide, also known as “waste gas,” from the body during exhalation. The process is called gas exchange.

Toxic substances such as nicotine, air pollutants and exposure to hazardous materials, such as asbestos, are all factors that pose a danger to lung health.

Household chemicals, specific unseen hazards, common pollutants in the air, indoors and out, and secondhand smoke can pose threats to our lungs.

Check radon levels at your home or workplace. Keep your house and car free of cigarettes.

Many people suffer from allergies to dust, animal dander and pollen.

Make sure you regularly dust your house, wash your blankets and rugs and brush your pets for any excess hair they shed.

Change your household cleaners to hypoallergenic, non-toxic varieties.

Avoid raking up dry leaves and working outside in unstable weather conditions if you have environmental allergies. 

To reduce your risk of lung cancer and other lung conditions, here are some proactive measures to keep your lungs healthy.

A cold or respiratory tract infection can be pretty severe. You can reduce your risk of preventing illness by washing your hands frequently, avoiding crowded environments, wearing a mask, social distancing, and getting your routine vaccinations. 

Quit smoking! Smoking causes the narrowing of the air passages within the lungs, making breathing harder, raising your chances for chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other inflammatory lung conditions. 

Regular physical activity makes your lungs stronger as they work harder to supply oxygen to the muscles.

Consult your doctor about starting an exercise program that is appropriate for you. For those already suffering from lung issues, even light activities, such as stretching and walking around the house, can help them feel better.

Remaining physically active even after lung cancer treatment helps with improved balance, controlling weight, less fatiguability and a better quality of life.

Take every opportunity during Healthy Lung Month to pay attention to your lungs.

Stay healthy overall to maintain the health of your lungs.

Reach out to your doctor for more tips on staying healthy, and be sure to involve family members in your efforts.

Schedule routine appointments with your doctor for regular checkups and screenings to help prevent diseases even when you are feeling well.

Lung cancer remains asymptomatic until it has already spread, making it difficult to treat.

If you are a smoker, see your doctor and get screened for impending lung diseases.

Routine checkups give you a greater chance of unfolding an illness before it reaches an advanced stage.


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