April is the right time to learn about stress mitigation

06, Apr 2021

Honing from prehistoric times, the body's response to stress, also known as the "fight-or-flight" response, has helped humans survive threats like animal attacks, natural calamities and interhuman conflicts.

Today, any threatening situation that requires an adjustment to a change can set it off.

While stress can positively spur us to action, chronic stress can negatively impact one's quality of life.

Stress can dampen the immune system, thereby increasing susceptibility to the common cold and other common infections.

It also leads to heart disease and high blood pressure, depression, asthma, digestive disorders, cancer and other health problems like enhancement of the aging process.

Some symptoms like headaches, dizziness and dry mouth also result from stress.

We often have memory lapses, such as forgetting our keys or remembering people's names.

We fear we have dementia. But this forgetfulness can be all due to stressful situations.

So, how can we respond to the daily escalated stress levels in positive and protective ways?

Whether it is dealing with high stress at home or workplace or just multiple tasking all day, take a deep breath between activities.

Schedule time for daily aerobic exercise, warm baths, meditation, adequate sleep, safe hobbies and outdoor activities that interrupt the stressors in your life.

Stay virtually connected to family and friends as much as possible, as these social supports are crucial to maintaining your mental equilibrium.

Add music to your health. A favorite tune can stimulate brain cells and boost your mood, thereby creating a soothing atmosphere.

Indulge yourself with a handful of immune-boosting delicious desserts made with whole grains, fresh blueberries, strawberries and honey.

It is incredible how physical exercise can alter your mental perspective.

Take a walk or a jog in a serene environment like a nature park to enjoy a relaxed moment.

Try to get enough rest and a good night's sleep.

Avoid watching television while in bed, and consciously shut down the bothersome thought process before going to bed.

Visualize soothing sweet dreams, or repeat neutral sounds to fall asleep.

The body gets detoxified as cells are regenerated during deep sleep so that we feel rejuvenated, waking up refreshed the following morning ready for a productive next day.

An unconditional love pets provide us helps de-stress and lower our blood pressure.

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Schedule an enjoyable mini-vacation to break away from the daily monotonous routine and dedicate solely to de-stressing activities.

Make sure you are continually looking after yourself when you are stressed out.

Always make time to relax when you need to and learn to say no to requests that are too much for you.

National Stress Awareness Month in April marks the most difficult one in terms of the impact of COVID-19.

The "normal life" stressors in the professional, financial and familial arena are suddenly dwarfed by the pandemic as we become more resilient and adjusted to the "new normal" of masking up and social distancing.

Worried about the virus's impact on the physical and mental health of your loved ones, near and far, can bring on stress.

The uncertainty of what the world will look like post-pandemic may be stressful for many.

Stress remains to be a part of our lives, so it is very important to learn the various ways to cope with it.

What else can be a better way to start de-stressing than during National Stress Awareness Month of April?

It is never too late. Your doctor is committed to your physical and mental well-being.

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